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Ready for packaging project #4 of 9?
Let’s make custom tags + mini envelopes!

I’ve owned a creative business for almost a decade now.
One thing I’ve learned:
simplicity. is. always. best!


My mission: to create beautiful packaging ideas to inspire you in your creative business, and to send off your products in a way that will make your brand shine bright & really wow your clients.

Let’s dive in…

Project Four: Custom Tags + Mini Envelopes

(with a little help from my friends at A Little Delight)


I said these projects would be simple and I promise they are truly simple.
Here are the steps, if you haven't already guessed them.

How To Make:

  1. For tags: stamp off the side of the tag (make sure you protect your surface, StazOn ink is permanent)

  2. For Envelopes: Stamp off the side of the envelope fronts or stamp onto the flap.

  3. Add your biz card + a sweet thank you note to the envelope + tie your tag onto your product.

    Boom! Your packaging is ready to go out and represent your brand!

Some Extra Notes for you, Sweet Small Biz Owner who Wears All The Hats:

  • I love these round stamps as "thank yous" as well -- just add "thank you thank you thank you" around your logo in a circle with a round border or two, or try one of these. Now you don't need to purchase printed "thank you" cards!

  • Circle stamps like ALD’s look great on boxes and on the front of business cards as well, with your details stamped onto the back. That's a project I'm saving for the future too ;)

Here’s a peek of my next packaging project:
branded tissue paper!


*Full Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links to products I’ve researched & believe will work best for this project. Where possible, it also includes non-affiliate links to small businesses I love.

Modern Maker Packaging Projects - Packaging Ideas that Pack a Punch - Modern Maker Stamps
Modern Maker Packaging Projects - Packaging Ideas that Pack a Punch - Modern Maker Stamps