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Hey, I’m Sarah K.

I’m the stamp lady who can make it happen.

I’m a bagel-loving Jersey girl raising my family (boy mom x 2) in Richmond, VA.

When I heard my first “cha-chings” back in 2010, I almost fell off my IKEA desk chair in excitement. People wanted what I was making — is there really any happier feeling???

But then I was a little embarrassed as I sent my made-with-love work to those first wonderful customers in boring brown boxes.

Whoops! Just starting out, I worried that my customers would get their package and wonder, “uh.. who is this from?”


I wanted my customers to run out to their mailbox like it was Christmas morning.

I wanted them to share and remember my brand for next time.

I wanted them to feel all the love that went into it.

Yeah, baby.

I set out to make the perfect packaging stamps for makers like me who want their packages to be memorable & magical — just like the work that goes in it!

I’ve spent over a decade designing Modern Maker stamps so they will work FOR your business just like they work for mine.

I’m here to help you get the custom stamps of YOUR dreams so you can make packaging that’s creative, cohesive and cost-effective.



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