When will my order ship?

My current production time is 3-8 business days. You’ll receive your info via email as soon as your order ships.

For custom stamps, designs that require multiple edits may be delayed by the same # of days.

DOMESTIC: Tracking is provided. First Class mail usually arrives within 3-4 business days of shipment.

INTERNATIONAL: First Class International mail usually arrives within 1 1/2 - 3 weeks of shipment, depending on the destination.

Can I get it faster?

Contact me at to request a rush shipment.

Will you design a stamp for me?

Yes - as long as it is text-only.
Just purchase the size you’d like & leave your details on the customization form.

Unfortunately, I cannot create other designs from scratch.
I highly recommend asking a friend who loves to design or draw; I can even work with them directly if you’d like.

I also have LOTS of semi-custom designs, and I’m always happy to take requests for future designs as well.

Can I change the font or add text to a current design?

Yes - as long as it is already a custom stamp.
Just purchase the design & size you’d like and send me the details on the form at checkout.

For non-custom stamps, just contact me before purchase and I can set that up as well.

What's the best method for inking my rubber stamps?

The best way to ink most stamps is with a standard-size ink pad - even if the stamp is larger than the pad.
All you do is flip your ink upside-down and pat the ink onto the raised rubber surface.

  • Gives you LOTS more control over where the ink ends up

  • Keeps it out of the background entirely

  • Saves your ink so it will last longer

    Here are a few quick videos on this method:


any More advice on getting great prints?

  • Make sure the spot you're stamping is firm - a hard, flat desk or table.
    That way the stamp is printing the entire image at once.

  • With bags, be sure you're doing one at a time, right on your hard, flat surface.
    You want to have as few layers as possible.

  • Use the handle to place the stamp, but press down on the whole wood block after placing it so all the ink gets transferred.

  • Do test prints on scrap paper to get the feel for it - a little practice goes a long way.

Can I refill my self-inking stamp?

Yes, just request a refill through this contact form and I will get you set up.

Do you accept Returns?

Returns are accepted for non-custom stamps only.
Just contact me within 3 days of delivery & I will provide the return address.
I will provide a full refund as soon as it is received.

Want to cancel or exchange? You can request a cancellation within 2 hours of purchase.

Can I request specific handles (or no handles at all)?

Yes, I am happy to take handle color requests (options available on request) for most sizes.
Any stamp can also be made without a handle upon request. Pricing is the same. Just ask!

How do I submit the info I'd like on my stamp?

Any text info (name, address, etc) will be added after you click “add to cart” at checkout.
For images, you will send via email

What size stamp should I get for my boxes & bags?

I recommend leaving a 1”-2” border around your logo.

For example, for a 4” x 4” box, a 2” x 2” stamp will work best. For a 4” x 8” bag, a 2” x 6” stamp or smaller looks best.

Commercial vs. personal use

The rubber stamp designs from Modern Maker Stamps are the copyrighted property of Modern Maker LLC & are intended for Personal Use Only.

1. Custom stamps created for your business & made with my templates can of course be used for your business.
2. Customers who have purchased a commercial license may use their stamps subject to the terms of that license.
3. Custom stamps made with your design are of course available to you for any use, personal or commercial.

Thank you for respecting my designs!

What images can I use for custom stamps?

Any images that you send to Modern Maker Stamps for reproduction must be your own photo, drawing or design. Modern Maker LLC will not reproduce any images without permission from the owner. Images sent through e-mail or uploaded to this website are assumed to be the property of the sender.

Please review my privacy policy & terms and conditions for more details.

What’s the best way to care for my stamps?

To clean, run stamp under warm water and blot dry on a paper towel. Mild hand soap may be used + a soft toothbrush if needed. Be sure stamp is dry before storing with rubber down on a flat surface.

Have another question?

Contact me with any additional questions.