Stamping Bujo Borders

Bullet Journal - Bujo Ideas - with Modern Maker Stamps

I’ve been an avid bullet journal user for years, but this is my very first Blackout Book from Archer & Olive and I’m pretty darn excited.

Here’s how I made my first, very simple “blackout” page!

Bullet Journal - Bujo Ideas - with Modern Maker Stamps
Bullet Journal - Bujo Ideas - with Modern Maker Stamps

stamped Yearly bujo Spread


How to make:

  1. Lay your painter’s tape by lining it up with your grid dots.
    Mine was 4 dots away from the right edge.

  2. Apply your white ink to the monstera stamp by holding your stamp upside-down in one hand and patting your ink on upside-down with the other hand. This will keep it from flooding the stamp!

  3. Stamp your design right off the side of the page. Be careful not to stamp over the other side of the tape.

  4. Carefully peel the painter’s tape off.

  5. Add washi tape where your tape was to cover up any spots that the painter’s tape peeled up.

  6. Draw your date. One of the things I really loved about this blackout book was that I could sketch out my design in black ink and easily see where I was going to paint.

  7. Paint over your drawing.


Some Extra Ideas + Tips for you Expert-Level-Bujo-Fans:

  • You can use a smaller 1” stamp if you’d really like to see the full monstera leaf.

  • You’ll want to use a piece of tape (both the painters & washi) that is longer than your page. For the washi, I cut it just a tiiiiny bit larger than the page and folded it back.

My mission: to create beautiful bujo ideas to inspire you to be creative, think outside the box and get your ideas onto paper.

*Full Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links to products I’ve researched & believe will work best for this project. Where possible, it also includes non-affiliate links to small businesses I love.