Digital Files of your Modern Maker Stamp

Digital Files of your Modern Maker Stamp


Need a digital copy of your stamp design(s)?
Just add this to your cart and I’ll email it in 1-3 business days.

You will receive:

  • High-Res .png file w/white background

  • High-Res .png file w/transparent background

  • Font details (if applicable)

    PLEASE NOTE: Digital copies are only available for logo + select other stamps, and only available as an add-on to a stamp. If yours is not available as a digital file, I will contact you + refund the fee right away. Or contact me before purchasing to be sure.

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Quick FAQs

Will I receive an editable file?
Not with this purchase, but you can contact me to make arrangements for an editable file.

Can I use this for my business card, website, etc?
Yep! It’s yours for commercial use once you purchase this listing.

How long will it take?
I aim to deliver via email as quickly as possible - within 1-3 business days.

Have another question?

Visit the FAQs, contact me here or email

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