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Mission Statement



By the grace of God and through His direction, Modern Maker Stamps stands to help makers and growing creative businesses by providing inspiration and awesome-quality rubber stamps so they can easily create professional, clean and creative packaging.

I strive to make creative business owners feel legit, energized and READY to take the next step in pursuing their creative business dreams. To make the “good guys” stand out and shine so that the world will have more successful creative businesses like them.

I do this not only to help creative business owners, but also to:

  1. Serve the Lord by being an honest, environmentally conscious, kind and caring business owner.

  2. Expand my social reach to offer up prayers and encouragement to those in need of them.

  3. Use my income responsibly so that I can:

    • Donate increasingly to charities in need of financial help.

    • Achieve, with my family, 100% freedom from debt so that we can be free to work, travel + donate even more in the future.

    • Support my children in their future pursuits and show them by example that they can pursue and achieve their career goals, no matter how non-traditional their path.

    • Have the flexibility to spend time with my family as well as volunteer + participate in socially responsible organizations that support my community.